The Shining

  • Stephen King vs. Stanley Kubrick

    The Guardian wonders if Stephen King was right to hate Stanley Kubrick’s adaptation of The Shining, which, as we’ve discussed at length, gave us a whole lot of the memorable things we associate with that story.

  • The Shining

    theshiningAndrea: Okay, so I wrote down the quote in the beginning of the book for some reason, but my pen was running out of ink, and now I can’t read it!
    “The sleep of ____ breeds monsters.”

    Pat: Reason.
    Andrea: I don’t know what that means in reference to the book. I mean, it would make more sense if it was, “The sleep of dirty dark secrets breeds monsters.”
    Pat: Did you skip the parts of the book where Jack Torrance was involved?
    Andrea: What do you mean? Like, it is saying that reason is asleep/missing?
    Pat: Alcohol, temper = Lack of reason.
    Andrea: He didn’t have any reason!
    Pat: Lord GOD.
    Andrea: Oh okay. I am misreading the quote. It makes it sound like the sleep of a reasonable person breeds monsters. DISLIKE. I demand clarity.
    Pat: You mean, going to bed at a reasonable hour makes you a monster?
    Andrea: No, like reasonable people have monstrous thoughts in their dreams?
    I don’t know. Let’s move on.
    Pat: What’s scarier to me than The Shining is how you managed to score higher on the SATs than me.
    Andrea: What’s scarier to me is that we are pushing 30, and you’re still talking about the SATs.

  • Previewing The Shining

    February 8th
    Andrea: Once Rage is up we will start The Shining?
    Pat: I have to catch up on my reading for class. Maybe in a week or so.
    Andrea: By the time we are done editing and posting Rage, it will probably have been at least a week.

    February 10th
    Andrea: Do we have a plan for The Shining?
    Pat: I need a couple weeks to catch up and maybe get ahead on my reading for class.
    Andrea: Whenever you’re ready. I might start it before you since you usually tear through once you get into it.
    Pat: Because I read faster?
    Andrea: Yup
    Pat: Suckah

    February 12th
    Andrea: I may start The Shining this weekend.
    Pat: I keep looking for a used paperback of The Shining at the weirdo book-seller tables outside of the subway near school. No such luck.

    February 16th
    Andrea: Any luck procuring The Shining?
    Pat: I haven’t really been trying.
    Andrea: Worst!

    February 18th
    Andrea: Should we set some kind of goal for The Shining?
    Pat: Yes, I said give me two weeks.
    Andrea: Two weeks to get it or to finish?
    Pat: To start it.
    Andrea: WORD. I remember now, I also told you I would start it last weekend, but I did not.
    Pat: You are such a unlistening asspain.
    Andrea: SUCK IT