The Running Man

  • The Running Man

    Andrea: OK, so I totally started to read this before because there was a bookmark in the book, but apparently I got bored after like 20 pages and never finished.
    So I must have really hated it because I never do that.
    Pat: Or you bought it, and the bookstore put a bookmark in it, as they do. Unless it’s my copy.
    Andrea: It’s your copy, but it was definitely my bookmark.
    Pat: Maybe it’s my bookmark?
    Andrea: Nope, it’s mine.
    Pat: Does the bookmark say, “I am a pedantic weinermobile?”
    Andrea: No. It was a grocery receipt.
    Pat: Weird. I don’t buy groceries AND I’m not a pedantic weinermobile. The plot thickens.

    Ben Richards lives in the year 2025. You can tell because there are things called “oldbucks” and “New Credit dollars,” technicos fix things, Free-Vees broadcast free television, everything has a vaguely British accent to it (“Rich Blokes Smoke Dokes!”), and some improbable mode of transit called “pneumo buses” ferries the employed and New-Credit-dollared-up folks of Co-Op City around. The future sucks.

    Pat: I think I could make a good argument for this being the first book that King actually wrote.
    Andrea: How so?
    Pat: Because it’s awful genre fiction. Especially in the beginning, where every sentence could be summed up with “IT WAS THE FUTURE. THE FUTURE SUCKED.” (more…)

  • Previewing The Running Man

    Andrea: Can we talk Running Man before I forget all about it?
    Pat: I’m at my cousin’s. It’s an uncomfortable setting for such lofty discussions.
    Andrea: omg
    Andrea: No, it’s fine. We can do it next week.
    Pat: Sure you won’t forget all the running?