The Long Walk

  • Hunger Games Influences, Or: The Boston Herald Doesn’t Read Much Stephen King

    Today, the Boston Herald‘s The Edge asks, “Which dystopian property does The Hunger Games most resemble?” Of course, Battle Royale comes up, since it’s essentially the same premise, only without exploding collars and no discernible Japanese characters, but their first suggestion is the Richard Bachman novella The Running Man. Again, fair enough, but it’s telling that they mention King’s pseudonymous dystopian book, which is often seen packaged with The Long Walk, which, while not having the constant television coverage or game network parallels with The Hunger Games, does involve a post-United States country of unspecified size and configuration, run by a brutal leader who every year runs a volunteer Long Walk to teenage boys, which only one can survive and ascend to fame and money, just like in Suzanne Collins’ books. Not even mentioning The Long Walk makes me think the author of the article hasn’t read The Bachman Books or The Running Man but has only seen the fucking movie. Okay, fine, since it is an entertainment site and that generally means no books unless they’re also movies (which is borne out by another entry in the list: Blade Runner, rather than Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?), but The Long Walk is a film property owned by Frank Motherfuckin’ Darabont, aka The Only Man To Make Good Adaptations Of Stephen King Stories, so at the very least, it should get a co-starring role in Running Man‘s part of the list. On the other hand, look at that AP picture of Jennifer Lawrence next to the article. I forgot what my argument was.

  • The Long Walk

    Stephen King, under the pseudonym of Richard Bachman, brings us this tale of a murky future where kids walk once a year so that they might win BIG MONEY and WHATEVER THEY WANT, EVER, FOR LIFE. The catch is that they have to maintain four miles per hour at all times (even asleep), and if they fall below too many times, they’re gunned down from a roving tank with deadly accurate soldiers onboard. They eat pastes from special belts and pee walking backwards. Mostly, though, they die.

    Andrea: So, from the beginning. I really felt for the moms dropping their kids off.
    With their cookies and peanut butter sandwiches.
    Pat: Great to hear. Next.
    Andrea: OMG

  • Previewing The Long Walk

    July 1st
    Pat: ohshits
    Long Walk is next.
    Andrea: YES.
    Do you have it?
    Pat: I don’t think so.
    It’s hard to say with all my books in boxes.
    Andrea: Find it this weekend!
    Pat: SHUT IT
    Andrea: haha