The Constant Reader was created by Andrea and Pat in the hopes of running through every single book produced by Stephen King, starting with Carrie and ending whenever—if ever—he does. It should be said that the two have read most of his books already, with a few exceptions; Pat, for example, couldn’t get through The Tommyknockers, although, to be honest, he wasn’t yet a heavy drinker or a writer at the time.

Pat: Have there been any Stephen King books you couldn’t get through?
Andrea: I think there probably have been, but I don’t know what.
Pat: Also, what was the first Stephen King book you read?
Andrea: The first one I read was Cujo. What was yours?
Pat: IT. When did you read Cujo?
Andrea: 11 or 12. How old were you when you read it? I read it the summer I was 13.
Pat: So that was… 7th grade? I can’t match up years and grades.
Andrea: Yeah. I definitely read Cujo in 6th grade.
Pat: 7th, you mean.
Andrea: And maybe it that summer or the summer between 7th and 8th.
Pat: OH. IT. Not it.
Andrea: Right.
Pat: Jerkoff.

Andrea, on the other hand, has shown a stalwart reluctance towards reading the Dark Tower series, which most would consider the warm center from which every other King story radiates, and read Black House without reading Talisman first. To be fair, Pat has never read Carrie or Firestarter because he thinks they’re chick books.

Andrea: Firestarter is totally not a chick book. There is acid, and someone rips their eyes out.
Pat: The movie has Drew Barrymore. Chick book.

Speaking of constant readers, the pair have been constant readers for a long time: Pat first read IT in fifth grade, Andrea read Cujo in seventh grade. Now cranky readers in their late twenties, they don’t lose sleep over King’s stories anymore.

Andrea: I totally lost sleep over that one short story where that boy sees the devil last summer. “The Man in the Black Suit.”

Well, most of the time.

Andrea is a editor with two degrees in communication. She lives in New Jersey (a state covered in Derries) with her husband Tim and their daughter. Pat lives in New York, where he works as an editor and has written two books no one has ever read. Despite all outward appearances, and against all odds, the two are actually best friends.