Anyone have a can of Ethereal RAID?

Anyone have a can of Ethereal RAID?
February 8, 2010 Constant Readers

Andrea: Would you let your kids read King? At what age?
Pat: My kids are never reading Stephen King.
Andrea: Really?
Pat: Are you nuts? I’m still scared of John Shooter.
Andrea: I would like to think that I will let Avery read whatever she wants and we can talk about it together. But maybe that is just one of those high-minded ideas that you have before you are actually a parent?
Pat: If my kid wants to read a thousand-plus page book, I’m not going to stop him or her.
Andrea: So you don’t think scary stories are a key part of development?
Pat: I just like Stephen King’s stories. I don’t like being scared.
Andrea: Really? So how do you explain your interest in serial killers?
Pat: Serial killers aren’t scary. they’re men. Humans. It’s not like they’re huge ethereal spiders on a 27-year eating cycle.